Stockdale Learning Center
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"Within five months our son had jumped three grade levels and was no longer functionally illerate!  A price tag simply cannot be attached to the incredible, mulit-faceted gift our son has discovered and received under Mr. Barling's guidance.  I strongly encourage anyone with a child who struggles as our son did, to give them the opportunity to have the door of education unlocked for them."                                             Ruth Anderson
So why choose us over a tutor?
  • We have 30 years experience in Bakersfield (est. 1984)
  • We are locally owned -- not a national corporation
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • We are distinguished as a referral source with UCLA
  • Our methods are research based
  • We have extensive training and experience in intervention strategies
  • We offer specific teaching methods tailored to specific learning needs to enable self-reliant, efficient learners  
  • We provide case management and coordination between allied professionals, teachers, and parents
  • We address social and emotional needs in addition to academic goals
  • We offer continuing support and resources beyond single-subject tutoring
"When we took our child, Kayley, to Stockdale Learning Center, she had failed first grade in a private school.  Her comprehension and reading skills were significantly below grade level.  After spending the summer and fall with Mr. Andrew Barling at Stockdale learning Center, she is at the head of her class and has received excellent scores in reading, reading comprehension and math.  We highly recommend Stockdale Learning Center for any child who needs additional help in developing learning skills that will help them succeed."                               Mickey and Michele Brown
"When my son, Sean, was eight years old I took him to Stockdale Learning Center.  He had been performing under grade level in reading and writing and was getting progressively farther and farther behind.  They were able to get him up to his level despite his specific learning disability.  A good side effect is that Sean's self esteem and behavior also improved.  I would recommend Mr. Barling to anyone who has a child with learning disabilities or who is underachieving."                             Dr. Carol Funk Hamilton, DC
"If I had one wish about my lifetime educational journey it would be to have met Andrew at the age of 9 instead of 29.  His ability to relate and break down my difficulties was not only extraordinary, but inspiring.  I can only hope for more interaction with Andrew in the future so that I can pass on to others the same positive motivation that he has given and still gives to me today."                                                               Aaron Church