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Diagnostic and Achievement Testing
The purpose of assessment is to determine the cause of the student's academic difficulties. Theraputic plans are implemented based upon a comprehensive workup involving information gleaned from a variety of sources; medical history, educational history, screening surveys, and nationally normed diagnostic and achievement assessment tools.
Stockdale Learning Center Services
We offer educational therapy which is an intensive individualized intervention for students with learning challenges that may be a result of neurological, cognitive, developmental, language, and emotional issues. Our goal is to make learning fun again and encourage independent life long learning.  Click here to read client reviews.

A visual learner may be a good reader but have poor auditory skills for spelling or math.  An auditory learner may be a good speller but have trouble with comprehension.  Learners weak in one or multiple areas struggle to learn.  By using a simultaneous multisensory technique, students who struggle can learn using the stronger sense while strengthening the weaker one.

Clients come to the clinic one to three times a week for one to two hour sessions.
The therapist helps interpret client information and serves as a liaison between the family and the school or between the client and the workplace. Tact and diplomacy is used to negotiate modification of programs where appropriate to best serve all clients. 
Typically, young readers who can memorize thousands of words are passed along grade by grade without being given the basics of sound word decoding.  At some point, they start to get confused and without a solid phonics foundation resort to guessing.

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